No.2 Rosso Vermouth



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Our first vermouth is a beautiful rosso that perfectly balances the complexity and bitterness of our botanicals, including angelica, quinquina and wormwood, with a rich 3/4 wine base. 

Technically a fortified botanical wine, we like to think of vermouth as a hybrid spirit given its modern usage (and the fact it is fortified with botanical spirit).

Our Rosso takes inspiration from the great European tradition, with fresh orange peel and a dash of Spanish PX Sherry making it vivacious and indulgent in equal measure.

Tasting note

Served simply, over ice, VRSD No.2 Rosso Vermouth is symphonic, with many complexities coming together to create the whole. Notes of rhubarb, cola, clove, fresh orange, grapefruit zest, caramelised strawberries, toast, toffee and raisins form the flavour profile, while the texture is rich and balanced, with sweet and bitter in perfect harmony.

It brings weight, body and substantial length to a negroni (especially when made with VRSD No. 1 London Dry Gin).