SRVD No.1 Gin



Pre-order from our inaugaral production run via our Crowdfunder


Citrus-forward whilst retaining the juniper notes that every good gin should. Perfect for a well-made Negroni where the gin needs to shine through, but makes a stonking G&T. 

For our No.1 Gin, we'll retrace the footsteps of one of the spirits' world most infamous gin lovers, Count Negroni, who developed a love for gin whilst living in London. He developed his eponymous cocktail in 1920s Florence whilst riffing with an Americano. 

Making a good Negroni is no easy feat. It’s a cocktail defined by balance, not just of flavour complexity, but of sweetness, bitterness and acidity. It should be lively, energetic, deep and have a symphony of flavour led by that of bitter orange. 

With Campari, orange peel and a big block of ice obligatory, the quality tends to come down to the other two ingredients - the gin and the vermouth.